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Pre-Employment Screening Benefits

Pre-Employment Screening Benefits

Screening for the best people is integral to the success of any organizationHire Performance is dedicated to helping you do just that. Our industry‐leading expertise and cutting‐edge technology help organizations detect potential risks such as resume fraud, criminal convictions, and past terminations.

Business Costs

Pre-employment screening reduces hiring mistakes by identifying the most qualified and motivated candidates. A bad hire can result in significant business costs, estimated range from one to five times the annual salary of the position, including and training costs and potential financial loss due to fraud and damage to the employer’s reputation.

Improved Attendance and Lower Turnover

Employers, who use pre-employment screening, including reference checking, experience better employee attendance rates and lower turnover. In addition, employers may see reduced healthcare and workers' compensation costs. Hiring the best overall employees makes a difference in terms of attitude, safety, and performance.

Avoid Litigation

Pre-employment screening enables an employer to identify a candidate that may have a history of violence, theft or embezzlement and help exclude them from the hiring process. Avoid hiring a potentially undesirable candidate, raises staff moral and reduces the risk of accidents, criminal activity, and violence — all of which may result in litigation.

Increase Applicant Quality

With the implementation of pre-screening tools to verify candidate information, employers are more likely to find qualified candidates for vacant positions. Employment, education, and professional verifications are just the beginning when determining whether a candidate is an appropriate fit for your organization.