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Background Screening Benefits

Screening potential employees for risks such as resume fraud, criminal convictions, and past terminations is an integral part of building a successful team.

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What Makes Hire Performance Stand Out

Our industry leading eScreener system and experienced team of screeners and processors will help you find the right candidate. Hire Performance is dedicated to providing accurate and timely reports at competitive rates.

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What Hire Performance Offers

Hire Performance specializes in providing timely reference checks, criminal and credit checks and pre-employment testing tools. We give you the tools you need to ensure you get the full picture on everyone you hire.

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How The eScreener Process Works

We’ve worked hard to make the process as straightforward as possible with our advanced eScreener. Getting screening right can be hard; we’re here to make it easy.

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Step One: Log In and Create A New Request

When you’re ready to screen a candidate (or group of candidates), login to the eScreener to create a new request.

Step Two: Provide Us With Information

Our system will prompt you for the required information. The candidate will sign in to provide consent and any additional information that may be needed.

Step Three: We Screen Your Candidate

Once you’ve filled out all the required information, the request is sent through to our experienced team of processors and screeners. We’ll make sure you receive updates as your request is processed, and you’ll be able to track our process through the eScreener client portal.

Step Four: Review a Detailed Report

Once we’ve completed the background check, you’ll be able to view a detailed report through the eScreener.