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Hire Performance Inc.’s services provide relevant, timely, high quality information that will support you in making complete, well informed hiring decisions. We offer Customized Solutions designed with your input to specifically meet your corporate needs and objectives. Whether you ordered on a pay as you go basis, in packages or in custom formats, Hire Performance is committed to your long-term corporate success.

Criminal Record Check

Criminal Record Checks help you to select safe, honest and reliable people while deterring dangerous individuals from trying to join your organization. Hire Performance has conducted Criminal Record Checks for Corporations, Not-For-Profit Organizations, and Individuals across Canada.
Protect your Organization, your People, and your Property
Our processes are compliant with PIPEDA and with Provincial privacy and human rights legislation. Provided in partnership with numerous Canadian police departments and based on information maintained by the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC).
• Forgery-proof results delivered directly online.
• 4-hour or less guarantee when requested using the eScreener paperless service.

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Enhanced Criminal Record Check

Investigate further with Hire Performances’ most comprehensive Canadian criminal screening product!
The Enhanced Criminal Record Check was created to provide Hire Performances’ clients with an unprecedented scope of conviction and selected non-conviction information. Managers using the Enhanced Criminal Record Check in support of their hiring decisions can be assured they are receiving a thorough and consistent criminal screening process for each and every applicant.
The Enhanced Criminal Record Check Consists of Two Components:
• Criminal Record Check – a search of adult (over 18yrs) convictions held within the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records.
• Local Police Information – searches of additional conviction and selected non-conviction information which may be relevant within both national and local police data sources.
Additional information that may be discovered through this in-depth search includes:
• Charges
• Warrants
• Peace Bonds
• Prohibition Orders
• Release Conditions
• Probation Orders
• Summary Convictions
• Recent Convictions not yet registered in the National Repository.
The Most Comprehensive Criminal Screening Product
All checks are conducted by Hire Performances’ Canadian police partner. To be consistent with best practices, and compliant with recent applicable privacy and human rights guidelines, unfounded information and information types not relevant to the employment-screening process are not considered.
• Turnaround Time: Forgery-proof results delivered directly online.
• 4-hour or less guarantee when requested using the eScreener paperless service.
Please note: If any potential Local Police Information is located the applicant will be referred to their local police service for further assistance. Hire Performance is not privy to the content of any locally held records. Only the applicant’s local police service is able to review any information located and provide it to the candidate if it is deemed RELEASABLE and RELEVANT to the position sought.

Vulnerable Sector Criminal Record Checks

A Vulnerable Sector Check is an Enhanced Criminal Record Check used to verify if an individual has a record suspension (formerly pardon) for sex offences. People who volunteer or have jobs where they are in positions of trust or authority over children or vulnerable persons can be asked to obtain a vulnerable sector check. Accurately referred to as Vulnerable Sector Verifications (VSV), federal policy prescribes that these checks can only be initiated by the Canadian police service where the applicant lives.
Here are the facts about VSV's:
• A VSV is the equivalent of Hire Performances’ Enhanced Criminal Record Check service but with the addition of a search of the pardoned sex offender database
• Due to changes to the law that took effect March 13th, 2012, record suspensions (formerly pardons) are no longer granted for the types of convictions that are included in the pardoned sex offender database
• The youngest person in the pardoned sex offender database was born February 28, 1986
Hire Performance offers the following advice for organizations that have a VSV requirement:
Candidate Group 1:
For applicants born after February 28, 1986, a search of the pardoned sex offender database serves no purpose as it will always yield a negative result. This applicant group should be processed using a comprehensive police information check offered by the applicant’s police service or by using Hire Performances’ Enhanced Criminal Record Check service.
Candidate Group 2:
For applicants born before February 28, 1986, when it is determined that:
• the applicant possesses a clear VSV result that was obtained after March 13, 2012, and
• the clear VSV result pertains to a position similar to the one for which screening is required
This applicant group should be processed using a comprehensive police information check offered by the applicant’s police service or by using Hire Performances’ Enhanced Criminal Record Check service.
Candidate Group 3:
For applicants born before February 28, 1986, when it is determined that:
• the applicant does not possess a clear VSV result that was obtained after March 13, 2012,
• the clear VSV result pertains to a position different than the one for which screening is required
This applicant group should be directed to their local police service to initiate a Vulnerable Sector Verification.

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Credit Checks

Individuals under severe financial pressure are much more susceptible to the pressures of committing theft and fraud. The analysis covers payment history, bankruptcy, litigation and collection items noted on the credit bureau file. Other advantages of a credit bureau file search are that it lists employer names, may reveal undisclosed employers and provides address history.

Driver's Abstracts

This report will confirm the validity of an applicant's Driver's License and indicate any Highway Act infractions over a 3-year history in most areas. This is essential information for companies hiring employees where driving is an essential job duty and may be responsible for corporate vehicles.

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Reference Checks

Our third-party approach allows for complete objectivity with references. You can enhance our Reference Checks with custom, position specific questions. References involve telephone tag. Using Hire Performance ensures that thorough and consistent references are taken every time.

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Employment Verification

We contact previous employers to confirm the validity of the applicant's past employment history including dates, the position held, status upon termination, income reason for leaving, eligibility for rehire and fill any gaps that may be present in the applicant's resume. Employment History is one of the most common areas of embellishment on a resume.

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Education Verification

Education Verifications authenticate candidates’ education claims directly with registrars and administration offices. We compare claims made by your candidate with information on the official files and alert you of inconsistencies. Each year, thousands of job candidates fabricate their education history, in a wide variety of ways. Modern technology has given rise to Diploma Mills, which issue degrees based on “life experience” or simply for cash. By going directly to registrars, we are able to raise the Red Flag and give you a reliable picture of each candidate.

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Credential - Accreditation Verification

Each year, thousands of positions are filled with candidates that have embellished their resume and falsified documents. Many industries require employees to have specific certifications or current memberships. Credential Verifications allow you to comply with regulations while protecting your organization from dishonest individuals.

National Security Search

National Security Search: helps companies and industries manage their risk and compliance programs by offering government sanctions background checks in critical and sensitive areas.
By combining the US, Canadian and International government lists, the NSS identifies individuals and groups that have been identified as being involved in or as having links to terrorism
State Department
Bureau of Industry and Security
Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC)
US General Services Administration
Treasury Department
Designated Terrorist List, Debarred Parties, Designated Terrorist Organization, Non-Proliferation Sanctions (various)
Debarred Persons, Entity List, Red Flag Concerns
Specially Designated National
Excluded Parties List
FinCEN Money Laundering Concerns
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
OSFI C EU Sanctions List
Japanese Proliferation Concerns
Bank of England Consolidated List
UK Proliferation Concerns
Australia Consolidated List
German Proliferation Concerns
UN Security Council Sanctions

Exit Interviews

Employee Retention is one of the most critical issues facing Human Resources professionals today. Interviewing departing employees substantially reduces the cost of hiring, minimizes employee turnover, reveals "hidden" problems, lowers the risk for future litigation, and promotes good public relations with employees voluntarily resigning. In addition, you will learn how your competitors are attracting your employees and discover alternative methods on how to improve employee satisfaction. You can enhance our Exit Interviews with your own custom questions as well!

International Criminal Check

Hire Performance has the ability to request criminal record checks in most countries in the world. The cost and turnaround time vary and special documentation may be required. Hire Performance’s helpful and friendly professionals can assist you through this process.

US Criminal Check

The first step when running a US Criminal Record Search: SSN Check to confirm that your candidate is who they say they are. Our Social Security Number Trace is a crucial component of criminal history research and the first step of any effective US criminal background check. It provides you with your candidate’s address history and is used as a roadmap to select court jurisdictions that should be researched. Additionally, it provides any critical alias names that have been associated with that social security number. The Second Step: County Criminal Search This is one of the most important tools for uncovering criminal records. Because law enforcement must report charges resulting from arrests on felonies, misdemeanors and other offenses, the county criminal search is conducted at the county level where a subject is most likely to have any information filed. We are one of the few screening companies using actual researchers who handpick information from courthouses in every county in the United States. Unless otherwise specified, records are searched in a seven-year history in the Superior and Municipal courts where allowed. Some court fees may apply.