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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hire Performance require a contract be signed?

No! Hire Performance does not require a commitment to use our services. Our quality of service and value of information will keep you using our services.

Why should we conduct background checks?

Employers have a duty to check the backgrounds of prospective employees for the sake of shareholders, fellow employees, and customers. A thorough background check can save an organization an enormous amount of grief and expense down the road. Hire Performance’s services accelerate the recruiting process and dramatically improve the quality of background information that is necessary to make well-informed hiring decisions. These benefits will significantly reduce expenses associated with turnover and re-training - not to mention the damage that a 'bad hire' can inflict on the company and its customers.

View our infographic to find out how much a bad hire could cost your business.

We do our own in-house reference checking. Why would we need the service of Hire Performance?

Third party searches have the potential to turn up information that may have been missed and they can also expand on the information you have already developed. Corroboration of your own investigative results is also of significant value as it provides your HR department with security in knowing that a candidate has been thoroughly investigated by your own office as well as third party experts. Additionally, such due diligence practices are valuable should your hire be under future review.

Are background checks legal in Canada?

Yes! Hire Performance complies fully with the Human Rights Codes of all Provinces. As an employer, your obligation is to protect your corporation, customers, and employees. Hire Performance’s background checks allow you under the law to protect your business.

Are Employee Assessments Legal in Canada?

Yes! All employee assessment services provided by Hire Performance and our partners are legally defensible. Our screening tools are not influenced by race, religion or ethnicity. As long as all applicants to a similar position are treated equally, assessments can become an integral, timesaving addition to your selection process.

Does Hire Performance ever contact applicants during background checks?

As a rule, Hire Performance prefers not to contact applicants in order to maintain complete neutrality when evaluating an applicant. However, upon the client’s request and authorization, Hire Performance may contact the applicant to request additional information, such as confirming a criminal record, acquiring additional references or telephone numbers. Our proprietary eScreener applicant portal essentially eliminates the possibility of missing applicant information.

Can we submit specific questions to be asked of the previous employer or educational institution?

Yes. Clients can request special questions to be asked of former employers or educational institutions and these special questions should be presented at the time of ordering a report. We will customize a solution to meet your needs!

At what point in the hiring process would we order a background check?

Many of our clients like to order reports in the final selection stage, when interviews and/or testing have narrowed the number of candidates to three or four. Clients are reminded however that ordering criminal record searches and obtaining driver license numbers directly from the employee require that a conditional offer of employment is made first. Many of our clients order pre-employment reports on candidates they have short listed and then have us do the criminal record and driver record searches on their final chosen candidate afterwards.

Can Hire Performance confirm education or employment outside of Canada?

Yes, Hire Performance regularly confirms educational achievements and employment confirmation outside of Canada. Note that response time and success varies dependent on the geographical location involved.

Can I ask for and receive credit bureau analysis on a prospective employee?

Yes, Consumer Reporting Acts and PIPEDA indicate that credit bureau information on a consumer may be obtained for employment purposes. The employer or prospective employer must first advise the individual either verbally or in writing of their intention to obtain credit bureau information for this.

What is the relevance of a credit bureau file in the hiring process?

Credit bureau files allow employers to view the ability of a candidate to handle their own affairs. This speaks to character issues of responsibility and management capabilities. Finding that a candidate is under financial strain and has collection agencies seeking payment and possible garnishment may be helpful in the final selection process. A candidate with this type of history may be more likely to 'hop' from one job to another to avoid collection agencies and may be a higher risk for theft. Credit bureau files also highlight employment history and may indicate another employer that the applicant deliberately left off their resume or application; something well worth investigating.

When can I request driver's record information?

Driver Record Searches may be ordered on existing employees as well as potential employees wherein a conditional offer of employment has been made and driving is an essential job duty.

We are a small company. Why would we go to this expense?

Small companies have the potential to be even more impacted by a bad hire as the high costs of training, turnover, theft and the negative impact on the existing staff can have a serious effect on the bottom line. The costs of thoroughly investigating a candidate before hiring are minimal in comparison.

Is it legal for employers to order and obtain criminal record search information?

Yes. A criminal record check may be ordered on an existing or prospective employee when a consent form is signed. In the case of a prospective employee, a criminal record search may be conducted ONLY when a conditional offer of employment is made. Please note that an employer MAY NOT AT ANY TIME ask an employee or prospective employee if they have a 'criminal record'. An employer may pose the question in a manner which does not invite information on pardoned offences. Here is an appropriate example: "Have you ever been convicted of a crime for which you have not been pardoned?"

Discrimination based on criminal record is not a Human Rights violation in most provinces UNLESS the person has received an official pardon for the crime in question. For detailed and specific Human Rights information, please refer to the Human Rights Commission website.

Can I order a report on an existing employee?

Yes, according to the Human Rights Commission, you may investigate a current employee. If a consent form has not been signed previously, it is not a violation of the Human Rights code to ask the employee to sign one.