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With decades of experience, Hire Performance has worked with clients from a broad range of industries. We provide custom tailored solutions for every client to ensure they receive the services they need at competitive rates.


In the Aerospace industry there is very little margin for error. You need to ensure every employee is qualified, experienced and free of potential issues. Knowing exactly who you’re hiring can prevent costly mistakes and reduce employee turnover. You can count on Hire Performance to perform rigorous background checks for every candidate and put your mind at ease.

Auto Sales & Service

When working in the auto industry, employees will often have access to customer financial information. In order to keep this information secure and keep customers happy, it’s vital to hire the best employees. We will help you minimize risk and maximize your team potential by only selecting the best candidate for the job. Screening out candidates is the best way to filter out noise from talent while minimizing risk.


Reducing employee turnover in the construction industry can be a difficult task. This is why pre-employment screening is so important. Hiring reliable, reputable employees will help keep your project on-budget and reduce financial risk. We will create a package of services selected specifically for your business.



Ensuring new employees have the credentials listed on their resume is crucial to the quality of work and reputation of any company. There is a lot at stake when an employee doesn’t have the right qualifications, and we’re here to ensure that doesn’t happen.


When you’re dealing directly with client financial data, there’s a high risk with new employees. Using a range of our services to screen potential employees is the best way to mitigate that risk; we’ll put together a custom package of services that best targets potential employee pitfalls for your company.



When looking for pre-employment screening for government agencies, you need a solution that’s thorough and accurate while meeting government regulations. We offer the flexibility and reliability you need at competitive rates. We can work together to find a service package that best suites your needs.


In the healthcare industry it’s vital that your employees have been vetted and are qualified for the job to ensure patient health and confidentiality are never compromised. It’s a competitive job market that requires both fast and accurate reports, which Hire Performance has years of experience providing.


Oil & Gas

Safety is top priority when working with heavy machinery in remote locations. Knowing that your employees can handle the unexpected challenges that come with the oil and gas industry is key to reducing workplace safety hazards and stop preventable issues from happening. We’ll make sure your potential employees are clear of any issues and have valid credentials to minimize these risks.


Using pre-employment screening as a first line of defence will ensure reduced employee turnover. We deliver cost-effective screening solutions for the retail industry to ensure you get the information you need to make an informed decision when hiring.


Food Services

Having trustworthy employees in the food service industry is crucial to grow your business and build your reputation. Background screening provides you with the insight you need to help lower your risk and avoid potential damage to your business.

Lumber (Pulp and Paper)

Minimizing risk is key when working around dangerous machinery. Not only could a bad hire put themselves at risk, but they can put others at risk as well. Ensuring that any potential employees have the proper training is vital to the safety of your workforce.

Social Work

Hiring for employees who will be dealing with the vulnerable population is an important task that should be taken with the utmost care. We not only understand and deal with a number of agencies in this sector, we also handle each file with special attention. Moreover, we work closely with the RCMP to ensure our criminal record check process is as thorough and timely as possible, so you can fill positions quickly and with all due diligence completed.

Shipping & Logistics

Your goods and employees should arrive on time. Ensure the movement of your goods along the supply chain are on tack by screening for organized and efficient employees with reliable attendance and punctuality, just like the service you want to provide to your clients.

We've got you covered.

Don't see your industry listed? Don't worry: Hire Performance is dedicated to making pre-employment screening available for everyone. This page is only an overview of some of the industries we work with and the benefits they get from our services.