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Background Checks for Teachers

Added on 09/25/2019 by Elizabeth MacMillan

Teachers are some of the most influential people in a child’s life. They will help shape and nurture a child in some of their most vulnerable years; their influence can have lifelong effects on children.

According to the Ontario Teachers College, all new hires must only complete a background check once at the beginning of their employment. But, is one check enough?  

An article written by CBC recognized that nearly 1300 students have been victims of sexual assault by a school staff member in the past 20 years. Around 86 percent of offenders were teachers and 14 percent were employed as lunch monitors, special education assistants, custodians, or student teachers.

Recently, Nova Scotia passed a law where teachers must face background checks every five years due to an alarming rate of incidents involving students and teachers. Now, teachers will have to sign a declaration at the start of every school year stating whether or not they have been charged or convicted of an offence.

Parents and guardians have the right to know who their child will be spending six hours a day with.

Do you think Nova Scotia is on the right track by making re-checks mandatory? Do you think teachers and others involved with students should be subjected to more extensive background checks?


Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pexels

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