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Outrage Over Phony Degrees

Added on 08/20/2019 by Elizabeth MacMillan

Obtaining a phony degree used to be unheard of, but now it is as simple as going online, choosing what school you “attended”, and adding the degree to your cart. Companies that provide fake degrees are called “diploma mills” and they are becoming more common.

A fake degree cost a Toronto law firm an estimated $100,000 and cost several immigrant families thousands of dollars. In this case, an individual named Inayat Kassam was hired as a lawyer, but did not have the proper credentials - he purchased them from a diploma mill.

The law office claimed the diplomas looked real but did not take the time to verify whether or not they were legitimate. Kassam quit after one month of work, effectively shutting down one of the law offices.

Protect Your Business 

Phony degrees are becoming more common as time goes on because of how easy they are to obtain. An estimated 800 Canadians have purchased a fake degree from a diploma mill. 

Do not put yourself, your business, and your clients at risk - conduct an education verification to make sure your candidates are legitimately qualified.

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Photo by Ekrulila from Pexels

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